Our Horizons: Cell and Gene Therapy report, built on the inputs of nearly 150 advanced therapy medicinal product industry leaders, explores how leaders can future-proof ATMP manufacturing to meet varied and unforeseen health threats head-on.

Cell and Gene Therapy Industry Report Cover

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This free report includes insights from nearly 150 ATMP industry leaders with analysis from CRB's experts.

CRB proudly introduces its new Horizons series of industry reports, exploring key trends across the life sciences.  

From the global COVID-19 pandemic to rare and vexing health threats, our world seems forever on the defense against disease and in need of a nimble and efficient vaccine and therapy supply chain. 

Our Horizons: Cell and Gene Therapy report—built on a thorough survey of nearly 150 advanced therapy medicinal product industry leaders—analyzes the manufacturing processes, efficiencies and solutions that shape the world’s response to pandemics and other large-scale health dangers. How do we future-proof ATMP manufacturing to meet our world’s varied and unforeseen health threats head-on? 

CRB’s team of subject matter experts analyze the future of: 

  • Multimodal manufacturing  

  • Gene therapy manufacturing 

  • Facility optimization 

  • Project delivery 

  • Genetically-modified cell therapy 

  • Regulation 

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